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◊◊◊◊◊  Posted By Sarah Smith
Nancy gives you the whole mood. The environment is set with great smells and music creating a relaxing backdrop that you can slip away in as she uses her magic fingers. She is very attentive and alert to your needs. Asks for your information of new symptoms upfront so you can just drift off into lala land during the rub. I have used her plenty and am aware that she is educated in many different areas from stones, reiki and now I get to experience her prenatal knowledge, which is all top notch. She has a wonderful touch that is satisfying and healing. I always feel more relaxed and better after one if her rubs. I recommend her to anyone that complains of sore muscle(s) or over stressed, she just knows how to melt it away.

 ◊◊◊◊◊ Posted By Debra Ellerbrook
This was not just a massage it was an experience in narvana, Nancy has the hands of an angel, she is intutitive her knows where to go and what to do without me saying a word. She integrates so many different modalities together in such a seamless way that every spot gets what it needs, whether it is deep, gentle and soothing or something inbetween. This is the therapist for me!

 ◊◊◊◊◊  Posted By Anita Staniec
Nancy is fabulous...never leaves you for wanting more....she is very thorough and very caring...............They have been my best massages ever!

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